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 Florida Car Movers represents the highest quality and reliability in vehicle transport today. We strive to exceed the expectations of individuals and businesses for all of their domestic and international shipping needs.
 Florida Car Movers is one of the largest and most trusted shipping companies that handles every step of vehicle transport from pickup to destination. We are available 24 hours a day and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
 Florida Car Movers maintains constant repeat business due to a simple philosophy of partnering with the best nationwide and worldwide carriers. Our policy of high standards ensures that there is integrity throughout the shipping process.
 Florida Car Movers offers a peace of mind that is usually hard to find when dealing with most transport companies. Our pricing is upfront with full disclosure and no hidden fees or costs. You will always be treated with honesty and respect in every transaction.
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Florida Car Movers Will Safely Deliver Your Car

For individuals and businesses that are looking for an easy, cost efficient way to transport cars, there is Florida Car Movers. Say, for example, that you live in Florida and you found the car of your dreams in California. While it may be impossible for you to take the time to fly or drive to California to pick up the car, it is not impossible for a car transport company like Discount Auto Shippers to bring the car to you. Or, perhaps you are involved in a Florida business that requires the need for you to transport a large amount of automobiles to where you live.

At Florida Car Movers it is our job to make sure that cars are transported to our customers from anywhere in the world. We work with a variety of carriers who are able to deliver your car from any location in a quick and affordable way. From pickup to destination you will have access to all information pertaining to the delivery of your car, so you will never have to worry about your vehicle while it is being transported. Florida Car Movers has received the highest rating in the industry of car transporting, and our thousands of satisfied customers can vouch for this fact. We have a one million dollar contingent liability policy and a $200.000 cargo contingency policy so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is well insured. We truly take no chances with the safety and security of your car.

The transporting of a vehicle can be a time-consuming process if you do it on your own. If you would prefer an easier way to have your vehicle transported to you in Florida, you need to consider hiring the car transport company known as Florida Car Movers. We have the highest ratings in the business and millions of happy customers who can testify to the fact that we are a superior car transport business. Our job is to provide our customers with superior Florida car movers who know how to quickly and efficiently move your vehicle in a completely safe and secure way. We only work with carriers who have received the highest ratings by both the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration so we can ensure the safe and timely delivery of any car. For the best car transporting company in Florida, contact the friendly folks at Florida Car Movers today!